Hi and welcome to edenhopper.com! Everyone likes traveling but I know for a fact that some people don’t like spending hours researching online and organizing their trips (see my boyfriend 🙂 ).

After our first trip in Asia, I felt there is a lot more to say about everything we had just experienced than uploading a few pictures to Facebook. So I started writing something I called a travel report for my friends and family who were anxious to find out how it was. Everyone asks this once you’re back, right?

All our trips so far have been arranged independently, we never booked via an agency. Before each trip I like to know what we can expect there and I put a lot of time into reading hotel reviews to find the best value for money, while not sacrificing the level of service and quality of the accommodation. Once this done, I start researching touristic attractions so I am sure once there, we don’t miss out on important things while walking randomly around and losing time.

If you’re too busy to do all the above then maybe our past travels can inspire or help you organize the same kind of trip. It’s all been tested already, all you have to do is step into our shoes and enjoy it.

Happy traveling everyone!